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  1. So You Want to Make Games

    In early 2014 I approached the editor of Hyper Magazine, and pitched him on a long form article about what I thought was one of the larger problems with the games industry in Australia: the huge education industry. What resulted, some 10 months later, was this article, which was published in their annual Education Special. […]

  2. XCOM: Enemy Within aka Reviewing Hard Games

    A while back, I reviewed The Bureau: XCOM Declassified for PlayerAttack. Because of this, they asked if I’d be interested in taking a look at XCOM: Enemy Within, the expansion to last year’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I jumped at the chance… and was stunned by how hard the game was. It took multiple playthroughs and […]

  3. A Mile in an Epic Pair of Shoes

    “In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.” I first read that phrase many years ago, and dreamed about seeing it in videogames almost from the first moment. Relic’s Dawn of War series was the first time I felt a game really captured the essence of that grim, distant universe. In […]

  4. Travels in Journey and Dear Esther

    This article started life as a review of Dear Esther. I had played it as a mod in 2009, and then rediscovered it upon its release earlier this year. I completed a fairly average review and was editing it, when, unbidden, every sentence I read invited a comparison with another game I’d just finished. Another […]

  5. What Lies Beneath

    After attending the Game Connect Asia Pacific conference last year in Melbourne, I realised my favourite talks were the ones where Game Devs shared stories of their processes and the decisions they made in creating their games. It’s something I don’t think happens nearly enough, so I wrote an article about it for PCPowerplay. The […]